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Auto / Truck / Motorcycle Bicycle / Pedestrian Accidents

Motor Vehicle, Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents
An injury-causing motor vehicle crash occurs in the State of Washington every 12 minutes. A death due to a crash occurs every 20 hours. Pedestrians or cyclists are involved in an accident every 8 hours.
The causes? Distraction. Weather. Speed. Alcohol. Texting.
Sometimes, the cause is a defective auto part. We represented a young man who was ejected from a car during an accident and seriously injured. We filed a lawsuit, and demonstrated that the two-point motorized seat belt was to blame, and gained the largest settlement the Ford Motor Company had given at the time for a claim involving its automatic seat belt system.
Sadly, our clients turn to us when the insurance companies they pay to protect us, become adversarial. The practice is known as “Insurance Bad Faith” and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.
For years, we have assisted police officers who have been injured in car accidents attain fair and just compensation.
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