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Police Officers in Auto Accidents

Police Officers in Auto Accidents
A special part of our law practice is devoted to helping Seattle-area police who have been injured in car accidents. We work hard to help our friends in the field of law enforcement get the compensation they need to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other expenses.
If you or a loved one is a police officer who has been hurt in a car accident either on the job or off, we are prepared to put our experience and legal skill to work for you.

Our History of Representing Injured Police Officers

Our history of representing officers in accident cases goes back decades. One of our early cases involved a Washington state patrol trooper who suffered a serious accident while in pursuit of a drunk driver. The trooper sustained major burns and broken bones, and was given a 10 percent chance of survival. As we investigated the case, we discovered that his injuries would have been much less severe if not for design flaws in his patrol car. We took action against General Motors, and the other defendants, and successfully resolved the case on behalf of the officer.
Since that first case, we have helped dozens of police officers and their families.
We believe that police officers, state troopers and other law enforcement professionals give more to society than they receive. That is why we do everything possible to see that they are treated fairly when they suffer injuries in auto accidents, whether they were on duty or off at the time. We also represent police officers injured because of other negligent acts.
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