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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are among the most tragic of catastrophic injuries that we see. Traumatic brain injury can occur when the head hits, or is hit by, a blunt object causing the brain to smash into the hard bony surface of the skull. It can also occur when the brain suddenly accelerates or decelerates during an accident (commonly referred to as whiplash) without ever hitting anything. Over the past few years, head injuries associated with concussions have rightly received considerable attention.
There is really no such thing as a “mild” brain injury. Any form of brain damage (mild, moderate or severe) can be life-altering, including mood swings, changes in personality, inability to work, disconnection with primary relationships, and other problems that corne with “mild” traumatic brain injuries.
The attorneys at Swanson Gardner Meyers, PLLC, have achieved significant jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of brain injured victims.
For example, in one case, medical negligence resulted in an infant’s brain injury. We went to trial and won a $17 million verdict for the family to pay future medical expenses for their child.
The record of results Swanson Gardner Meyers, PLLC, has achieved is one we are proud of. We work hard to secure the compensation our clients deserve for the injuries they have wrongly incurred. We manage our cases on a contingency basis, meaning we receive no fees until you get compensation.
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